Diana PortraitDiana Sousa was born in the small kingdom of Portugal. She grew up reading books, playing the cello and more video games than she probably should, and being a general nerd.

She started writing when she was really young. Her first adventures in this scary and amazing world were always variations of fantasy and science-fiction, due to the great amount of books she read in those genres. This love for exploring fantastical realms still endures, but more recently she has also developed a taste for the historical genre.

While searching for the right wardrobe to take her to Narnia, or waiting for a Sith Jedi master to finally find her, she finished a degree in Multimedia. She currently work for Glasstown Entertainment as a graphic designer, and as a colorist for Dark Horse Comics on CRITICAL ROLE: THE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS: CALEB WIDOGAST. She’s also a member of the Pitch Slam team, and organized the online convention Books(dot)Con in 2016. During her free time, she wanders around the mysterious fields of the internet, going through Dungeons to fight Dragons, using chocolate as fuel, a book as a shield, and a pen as a weapon. Or a sword… after all, she does have two of those.