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Diana Sousa was born in the small kingdom of Portugal, where she begrudges the abundant sunlight everyday. She grew up reading books, playing the cello and more video games than she probably should, and being a huge nerd.

Staying true to her degree in Multimedia, she tries to do too many creative things. She writes – always speculative fiction, whether in the past or in the future. She graphics some designs, illustrates, charts maps for fictional worlds, colors comic books, 3D sculpts characters and environments, and wishes she could also create more hours in the day. Please contact her if you happen to have an extra key to the TARDIS.

While searching for the right wardrobe to take her to Narnia, or waiting for a Sith Jedi master to finally find her, she finished a degree in Multimedia. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer, and as a colorist for Dark Horse Comics on CRITICAL ROLE: THE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS: CALEB WIDOGAST and YASHA NYDOORIN. She’s also a member of the Pitch Slam team, and organized the online convention Books(dot)Con in 2016. During her free time, she wanders around the mysterious fields of the internet, going through Dungeons to fight Dragons, using chocolate as fuel, a book as a shield, and a pen as a weapon. Or a sword… after all, she does have two of those.

Short Bio

Diana Sousa lives in Portugal, where she splits her time between all things graphic design and illustration related, as well as all sorts of nerdy content. She’s the colorist for the CRITICAL ROLE: THE MIGHTY NEIN ORIGINS: CALEB WIDOGAST and YASHA NYDOORIN graphic novels from Dark Horse Comics. She can be bribed with books, tea, chocolate, comic books, video games, Dungeons and Dragons shenanigans, dinosaurs, and yet more chocolate.