Diana PortraitI was born in the small kingdom of Portugal, a little over two decades ago. I grew up reading books, playing the cello, and more video games than I should, and patiently waiting for my Hogwarts letter. I still do, let’s be honest.

I started writing when I was really young. My first adventures in this scary and amazing world were in the fantasy and science-fiction genres, due to the great amount of books I read in those genres. This love for exploring fantastical realms still endures, but more recently I’ve also developed a taste for the historical genre.

While searching for the right wardrobe to take me to Narnia, or waiting for a Sith Jedi master to finally find me, I finished a degree in Multimedia. I currently work for Paper Lantern Lit as a design consultant. I’m also a member of the Pitch Slam team, and organized the online convention Books(dot)Con in 2016. During my free time, I wander through the mysterious fields of the internet, using chocolate as fuel, a book as a shield, and a pen as a weapon. Or a sword… after all, I do have two of those.