Currently working on: The Last Adagio (YA Dark Fantasy)

A single second of music can bring forth so many memories. Seventeen-year-old Naoko Avery finds out music can do so much more than that — it can awaken creatures which are better left forgotten.


Previous manuscripts:

Sincerely Yours, The Villain

YA Historical Mystery


The twentieth century is but a few years old. Helen Hawke thinks that it is about time Detective Wilson Adkins starts to take her seriously and accepts her as his assistant. Staying behind a desk is not something she can endure much longer.

But before she even gets to celebrate her first successful case, a mysterious letter arrives addressed to Adkins. A stranger invites the detective not for a tea party or a conversation over dinner, but to watch him turn a small English village into chaos. Perhaps even kill people, all for the sake of the detective. It’s a game, this stranger says, and warns Adkins that he will not be able to stop him. He’s welcome to try, nevertheless, seeing as it would only make it more fun.

Detective Adkins claims he has no idea why this person would choose a small-time detective like himself, yet Helen suspects that might not be the whole truth. As Helen is thrown into a world of almost constant worry and danger, she finds that the person she trusts the most might not be exactly who he says he is. As this stranger’s focus shifts to her and the threats fall closer to home, she has to take matters into her own hands before they are all taken from her. When the detective goes away without as much as an explanation, she has to be the one to finish what was started, placing herself directly into the line of fire.

The time to prove herself has arrived, as she wished for so long. But will she regret it?