Pitch Slam – Feedback Giveaway

For those who don’t know what Pitch Slam is, it’s a contest organized by L. L. McKinney where writers hoping to gain the attention of agents can receive feedback on their work, and then revise and resubmit their entries before the final round. I’ve been a slush reader for the past contests, and this time I was […]

#PitMad Pitch Critique

#PitMad is quickly approaching (December 4), and since this year I won’t be participating I thought I could help instead – by critiquing your pitches! #PitMad is a pitch party created by Brenda Drake where writers can tweet a 140 character pitch for their completed manuscripts. You should have different variations of your pitch so you can show […]

An Unexpected Journey

It was almost a year ago that I started to actually dedicate myself to trying to publish a book. Since then I have read so many articles on writing, queried so many great agents, met so many excellent people… I discovered a great community, gotten amazing feedback and support. Two years ago I would never […]

The Writer’s Voice Entry

Hello everyone! This is my entry for The Writer’s Voice contest, which is hosted by Cupid of Cupid’s Literary Connection, Krista Van Dolzer of Mother. Write. (Repeat.), Monica B. W. of Love YA, and Brenda Drake of Brenda Drake Writes. I would like to thank them for hosting this contest, and also so many other […]