Behind the Cover – Nim Ben-Reuven
(Revenge and the Wild, by Michelle Modesto)

Here with us today is Nim Ben-Reuven, the amazing letterer and designer behind the cover of Revenge and the Wild, by Michelle Modesto, published by Belzer + Bray (HarperCollins). We also have an introduction by Jenna Stempel, the designer! Website | Behance | Instagram Jenna Stempel: I knew this cover would be challenging from the start—the […]

Behind the Cover – Jon Smith
(The End Games, by T. Michael Martin)

Today’s artist, Jon Smith, is the illustrator of The End Games by T. Michael Martin, published by HarperCollins. Thank you for your time, Jon! Twitter | Facebook How did you become a designer and illustrator? Were they areas you always wanted to explore, or did it simply happen? As a kid I was really serious […]