A Confession

by Diana Sousa
Bluebird Singing in the Dead of Night…
I have to admit that blogs might not be my thing. I do like to make the occasional post, but they will probably be so far apart that I don’t know if this actually deserve to be called a “blog”. And besides, who wants to read my ramblings anyway, right?

…Well, I’ll assume you want to. Or might be interested in doing so (proceed with caution, though). So I have finally surrendered to Twitter, after all these years. I do want to take writing seriously, and if this helps me get there, so be it. I’ll call it an adventure!

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting here. I will blog, but I can’t promise a post a week (not with college work raining down on me). So you can find me here, where I’ll try to make reasonably interesting posts.

And by that I mean crazy ramblings, of course. That’s much more fun.

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