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So… you’re saying it’s been almost an year since my last post, huh? Well, I… hmm…

OH LOOK a shiny new website!!

I suppose I could say a lot has changed since my last post. At least I hope so, although I suspect the truth might be a bit different. But for now I’d like to focus on the revamp of the website! I felt like it was time for a new look. I’ve also updated the information on several of the pages, and added two new ones:

– The Extras have links that I find important and worth sharing, whether they are writing or book related, or about other things. This is a growing collection and there will be new links every week, or any time that I see something that I’d like to save and to share with the readers of this website;

– The Portfolio has my design and illustration work. Now that I’ve finished university I’ve been doing some projects in and out of the writing community and it’s something I really appreciate doing. If you want to check out my latest projects they’re just a click away!

The sidebar has also been renovated, and below my logo is a quote that changes every time you refresh or change page! (Come on, you can try it. Fancy, huh? It’s a kind of magic) Just details to make this a bit more homey. I would have given you all cookies, but I’m afraid I’ve eaten them all myself. Oops!

I also intend on using this blog more, I promise! I have some ideas and projects in development that might do just that. But until then, and to celebrate the new website look, I’m doing a giveaway to thank you! I’m giving away a character illustration (like this or this) or a simple illustration of your choosing.┬áIt’s a small gift, but hopefully you’ll like it!

Thank you for reading and best wishes! Aim to misbehave.

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