As some of you might know, besides being a writer I’m also a designer and aspiring illustrator. In a way to unite all those interests, I wanted to start a new blog series about book covers and illustrations, where I’d interview the artists behind some of the covers I love and admire.

And so, I’m announcing Behind the Cover! I’ve been talking with some talented designers and illustrators to bring you interviews about the process of creating a book cover – how do publishers contact them, how much the author is involved, how their creative process is, things of the sort! Some great minds have agreed to answer my questions, and I can only thank them for that.

On the following weeks (and for as long as I can) I’ll be posting these interviews, and they’ll be posted 5-7 days apart from each other. Please feel free to suggest covers you like (and the name of the designer if you know it!) and I’ll try to add them to the series! Hopefully this will be something helpful to writers and designers alike.

The first interview will be posted very soon, and it will be with the amazing Tom Bagshaw, about the covers of Pantomime and Shadowplay by Laura Lam. See you then!

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