For those who don’t know what Pitch Slam is, it’s a contest organized by L. L. McKinney where writers hoping to gain the attention of agents can receive feedback on their work, and then revise and resubmit their entries before the final round. I’ve been a slush reader for the past contests, and this time I was also a Head Girl.

This year we got 336 entries, almost two times the submissions from last year! That’s amazing! But since each team has a limited number of entries they can choose, that means a lot of people didn’t make it to the agent round. This doesn’t mean their work wasn’t good, but unfortunately we couldn’t choose everyone.

So, in order to try and help more people, me and some amazing people involved with Pitch Slam (Angela Cappillo, Brandi Lynch, Kimberly Ito, and Rebecca Waddell) will each be reviewing 5 pitches + first 250 words. That means 25 lucky winners will get another chance at getting feedback!

The rules are very simple:

– You must have submitted to at least one round of Pitch Slam;

– You can’t be part of any of the teams;

– Only 1 entry per person;

Good luck, everyone!

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7 Responses

  1. Please delete my entry. I hit the space bar and the entry sent with just my email on it, missing the ms title.
    Then I’ll submit correctly. Thank you.

  2. The login states I still have an entry and will not let me try again. If it’s ok, I’ll use this to enter:
    Title of ms: COLLARED

    appreciate your help. Gretchen Mayer

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