Media other than books that I enjoyed this year. Most of them came out in 2015, the exceptions being some of the comic books and the games. And of course I didn’t watch / play / read these as a form of procrastination… it was research. For… stuff, and things.

The results are in alphabetical order and not by preference. And because this has a lot of images, the lists follow after the cut!

Top 3 Comics

I actually thought I had read more comics this year… it might be because I read all the Saga single issues (also, the Saga cover below is the first issue, but I mean all of them). I read more comics than these three, but they weren’t good enough to make the top, so I chose 3 instead of 6.


Top 6 Games

Only one 3DS game made it to this list… so I obviously need some suggestions in that department! (I also need Portal 3 like… now. Please, thank you)



Top 6 Movies

A poor year in terms of the number of movies I watched. Still a very good year in terms of quality (STAR WARS!!). And yes, I’m including Jupiter Ascending because it is strangely hilarious and super gorgeous.



Top 3 Animation Movies

Again, I watched more animation movies, but these were the ones that stood out for me. I didn’t get around to watch “The Tale of Princess Kaguyah” and “The Wind Rises”, or they would probably be here too.


Top 6 New TV Shows



Top 6 TV Shows

Oh, Community… I’ll never forget you #SixSeasonsAndAMovie. And FINALLY Doctor Who is back to being good. The past few seasons had me doubting it there. I watched maaaany more TV shows, but alas, it’s only a top 6.



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